Astronomical and geophysical observatory in Modra, Slovakia

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Astronomical observatory
P.O.Box 4
900 01 Modra
tel.: +421 336475261


17°,27402056 E


48°,37327278 N


531.10 m

MPC code:


Fourth station of SVMN is online

Since October 15, 2013, the fourth station of the Slovak Video Meteor Network - the automated video camera AMOS - is fully operational. Together, with stations at AGO Modra, Arboretum Mlyňany and Observatory in Kysucké Nové Mesto, large fraction of Slovakia will be covered and multi-station meteors will be detected. The system was installed at the private property of Marek Buček, who kindly provided logistical and technical support in the village of Važec.

Installation of the system at the roof of the barn (Juraj Tóth, Pavol Zigo).

Installation of the camera (Marek Buček, Juraj Tóth).

System has been installed.

View of the barn with the system on the roof.

Collection of bolides detected in the second half of October, 2013, from the Važec station.


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