Astronomical and geophysical observatory in Modra, Slovakia

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Astronomical observatory
P.O.Box 4
900 01 Modra
tel.: +421 336475261


17°,27402056 E


48°,37327278 N


531.10 m

MPC code:


Bright Taurid bolides 2012

A bright bolide, most likely a Taurid, of approx. -12th magnitude observed by the AMOS camera at AGO Modra on Nov 11, 2012 at 19:08:47 UT on northeast. Bolide was detected in Czech Republic and Poland as well. Currently, the data are gathered in order to derive the orbital and physical properties of the bolide.

At a night of Nov 19./20. 2012 were Taurids active with the ZHR of about 3-5. However, there were two bright bolides with explosions and disintegration. Lower images show the same bolide captured by two stations.

Observers: Š. Gajdoš, L. Kornoš


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